Author: Editor SCD

Discriminating design – the Devil is in the details!

Editor SCD- September 2, 2016

by Lena Groeger, ProPublica A few weeks ago, Snapchat released a new photo filter. It appeared alongside many of the other such face-altering filters that ... Read More

Obama launches Climate Change tour – connects climate and conservation

Editor SCD- September 1, 2016

Apparently not one to let his presidential duties slip, Barack Obama has begun climate change tour which will include the G20 summit in China later ... Read More

Hillary Clinton takes a stand for workers, slams Chris Christie for vetoing wage hike

Editor SCD- September 1, 2016

TRENTON -- Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton took a swipe at Chris Christie on Wednesday, slamming him for his Tuesday veto of a bill to ... Read More

America’s soldiers are saying “thanks, Obama” – for a pay raise!

Editor SCD- September 1, 2016

The military is getting a pay raise next year, but not as big of a bump as they were expecting. President Barack Obama announced plans ... Read More

Is there really an immigration crisis?

Editor SCD- September 1, 2016

The election campaign has seen a lot of talk about an immigration "crisis" in America. But what do the numbers tell us? “There’s certainly a ... Read More

Lester Holt Moderating NBC News Democratic Debate

Editor SCD- January 17, 2016

NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, the first African-American appointed as lead host of a broadcast network’s weekday nightly newscast, will moderate the Democrats’ fourth ... Read More

CNN’s Smerconish Lets GOP’s Architect Of Partisanship Off Hook In Gun Partisanship Segment

Editor SCD- December 6, 2015

If there's one thing you can count on from Mr. "No Labels" supporter turned CNN host Michael Smerconish, it's a healthy dose of both siderism ... Read More

America Is Sitting On A Powder Keg Of Hate

Editor SCD- December 6, 2015

This powder keg must be mitigated America is currently sitting on a powder keg. That powder keg is being filled with a substance much more ... Read More

New Law Guarantees Military Dogs Retirement On U.S. Soil

Editor SCD- December 6, 2015

Cheer up, pup. Tucked inside a massive defense bill signed two weeks ago by President Obama was a provision that will allow U.S. Military working ... Read More

How Solar And Wind Power Got So Cheap, So Fast

Editor SCD- December 6, 2015

This story originally appeared on The Atlantic and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. A funny change has happened this year: ... Read More