Author: Michael Hayne

Despite Loss, Bernie Sanders’ Ideas Gaining Traction

Michael Hayne- March 31, 2017

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders failed in his bid for the presidency—but his ideas are increasingly popular. Recent polls have shown that progressive ideas are catching ... Read More

WATCH: Trump Voter Calls Trump Out For His Very ‘Unpresidential’ Behavior (VIDEO)

Michael Hayne- March 29, 2017

Could this Trump voter finally be waking up to the mountain of bullsh*t that was sold to them a silver platter by Trump Read More

Fox News CRUSHED By MSNBC Following Epic ‘Trumpdon’tcare’ Fail

Michael Hayne- March 29, 2017

If there's anything we can glean from the epic disaster (and REAL disaster) that is the Donald Trump presidency, it's that "winning" is only something ... Read More

WH Budget Director Mulvaney’s Has Some DISGUSTING Advice For Those Who’d Lose Healthcare If Obamacare Repealed (VIDEO)

Michael Hayne- March 24, 2017

As if we needed any further reminders why our government has been hijacked by a bunch of soulless, incompetent frat boys Read More