Author: Ruby Stone

FACT CHECK: Lawmakers’ Letters To Their Supporters Are Full Of Misinformation

Ruby Stone- March 23, 2017 GOP representatives and senators have done everything they can to convince their constituency that the AHCA is a good idea, including responding to concerned ... Read More

Gun Injury Treatment Is HUGE Burden On American Tax Payers

Ruby Stone- March 22, 2017 Americans paid more than $6.6 billion over eight years to care for victims of gun violence, according to a new tally of hospital bills. ... Read More

Republican’s Answer To Obamacare Won’t Undo Medicare Cuts They Criticized It For

Ruby Stone- March 22, 2017 WASHINGTON - In letter after letter, Republican lawmakers have reminded their constituents: Obamacare cut Medicare. Implied, and sometimes stated outright, was that the GOP's ... Read More

Immigrants Are Cancelling Cinco De Mayo Because They Fear ICE

Ruby Stone- March 20, 2017 Latinos in one of the nation's most diverse cities have canceled a Cinco de Mayo celebration out of fear that the event could see ... Read More

Congress Has A Busy Week Ahead – Comey Hearing, Healthcare Voting, & Gorsuch Hearing On Agenda

Ruby Stone- March 20, 2017 The week ahead promises to be an important one for Congress and the White House as President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee testifies before the ... Read More

This 94-Year-Old Man May Have Found The Solution To The World’s Energy Demands

Ruby Stone- March 11, 2017 The idea that an older individual is unable to be innovative is ridiculous, and this man proves it. A man old enough to be ... Read More

He’ll Be Back – Schwarzenegger May Run For Senate In 2018

Ruby Stone- March 10, 2017 The Terminator WILL be back... maybe. The former Celebrity Apprentice host and former California governor has some Republican circles atwitter with the notion that ... Read More

Is The WikiLeaks Dump Really THAT Bad?

Ruby Stone- March 9, 2017 The fallout from WikiLeaks’ data dump continues. Over at Langley, the CIA is scrambling to control the repercussions from the mass leak, which reveals ... Read More

Alec Baldwin May Be Retiring His Genius Trump Impersonation Due To ‘Malicious’ Trump

Ruby Stone- March 7, 2017 Alec Baldwin’s uncanny impersonation of U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live is coming to an end. The actor cites the “maliciousness” of ... Read More

Here’s What Trump Can Get Done In Congress

Ruby Stone- March 7, 2017

In 1987, Donald Trump helped create his image as a master negotiator with his best-selling book The Art of the Deal. Never mind that his ... Read More