Author: Daniel Valencia

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch Was a Joyful Success

Daniel Valencia- February 7, 2018

There's a car in space right now. Falcon Heavy blasts off SpaceX Patience was in short supply during the leg-jiggling, finger-tapping, tension-filled hours before the ... Read More

White Supremacist Holocaust Denier is GOP’s Latest ‘Deplorable’ Candidate

Daniel Valencia- February 6, 2018

He’s a Holocaust denier, he’s a white supremacist, and he’s set to get the Republican nomination for a major congressional seat in Illinois. Arthur Jones, ... Read More

Top Democrats Warn Of ‘Constitutional Crisis’ If Rosenstein, Mueller Are Fired Over GOP Memo

Daniel Valencia- February 2, 2018

While congressional Republicans were split over the decision to release the GOP memo on FBI surveillance Friday, Democrats lambasted what they view as a partisan ... Read More

The Girls of Revolutionary Street: This Isn’t Your Typical Women’s Rights Protest

Daniel Valencia- February 1, 2018

Young women in Iran are part of a new generation of activists as they protest their country’s restrictive dress code. Following the example of one ... Read More

Major US City To Pardon Thousands Of Marijuana Convictions

Daniel Valencia- January 31, 2018

San Francisco will retroactively apply California's new marijuana legalization laws to prior convictions, expunging or reducing misdemeanor and felony convictions dating back to 1975, the ... Read More

Multi-Million Dollar Kickback Scheme Tied to Trump’s Wall

Daniel Valencia- January 30, 2018

The kickback scheme was allegedly hashed out over weeknight drinks at a steakhouse in a border county in south Texas. Amid surf and turf and ... Read More

Judge rules illegals have constitutional right to ‘say goodbye’ to family

Daniel Valencia- January 29, 2018

Illegal immigrants snared by deportation officers have "the freedom to say goodbye" to their families, a federal judge in New York ruled Monday, ordering the ... Read More

Most Millennials Disapprove of Trump and Congress in New Poll

Daniel Valencia- January 29, 2018

Most millennials disapprove of Congress and President Donald Trump's job performance and think the country is heading in the wrong direction, a new poll found. Sixty-three ... Read More

A Short History of the Brief and Bumpy Life of the Voting Fraud Commission

Daniel Valencia- January 25, 2018

The controversy that swirled around the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity far exceeded its output. The commission made no decisions, issued no reports, and ... Read More

After a Sweet Deal With Dad, Eric Trump Assembles a Valuable Penthouse

Daniel Valencia- January 10, 2018

President Donald Trump’s son Eric is preparing to capitalize on a windfall he received from his father during the presidential campaign: He’s combining three luxury ... Read More